We offer contemporary consumers living in an environment glutted with things to choose a clean, eco-friendly product that would not only add beauty to life, but also enrich it with knowledge of making the choice that can give a cleaner world to future generations.

We use only natural, high-quality, mostly local raw materials, which, thanks to the excellence of creators, are transformed into unique or very limited-edition design products. They are all designed to delight your feelings, help maintain your identity, individuality and creativity.

We believe that with your support, we can protect the surrounding environment by responsibly choosing materials, technologies, production processes, considering not only the impact on the environment, but also the working conditions for manufacturers.

WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN REDUCING WASTE: all of our products are eligible for renovation service or you can return them back to us for recycling. Inquire by e-mail and we will contact you!

St. John's wort, jonažolė

The product design of our brand is based on simplicity, beauty of organic dye colours, functionality and versatility. When giving birth to a product, we follow an eco-friendly approach at every stage of the process:

• Sustainability-Conservation
• Sustainability-Respect
• Sustainability-Creativity
• Sustainability-Durability

St. John's wort, jonažolė


Balta Balta cooperates with responsible and eco-friendly producers from Lithuania, giving preference to the nearest raw material producers in order to reduce transportation costs. We use natural local fabrics from natural fibres (flax, nettle, hemp, merino, alpaca wool); only silk has to be shipped from more distant places.

Balta Balta greatly values the properties of natural fibres and dyes. All our products are breathable, allowing for cooling or providing with warmth and, most importantly, are hand-dyed with natural dyes, without the use of any environmentally harmful chemicals, while conserving natural resources.

Plant dyeing is a technology that has been used by various nations since ancient times which is not yet implemented in industry. It is a complex, manual, time-consuming and costly process. Plants for dyeing first need be harvested at certain periods of the year. They may used fresh or dried to prepare dye baths for absorption and colour fixation in textile fibre with the help of heat and mordants (metal salts). Professionally dyed products are durable and suitable for wear, and some natural fibres (for example, wool) even gain a shine over time.


Balta Balta designers create clothing and home textiles that respond to our primordial aesthetics and express the worldview of our nation. New modern and original products are created using traditional knitting, felting, weaving, printing, and other ethnographic technologies.

We care about the local socio-economic well-being: brand products are created by Lithuanian artists, and many handmade production processes are performed by meticulous craftsmen. Balta Balta gives preference to employees from socially sensitive groups (disabled, large families or people at retirement age).


Our designers create multifunctional products allowing for at least several ways of wearing them, and offer innovative products for a creative use so that to free up closet space and reduce the number of excess items.

Balta Balta assumes responsibility for promoting the heritage of local traditions in modern fashion, is interested in environmental issues, engages in the dissemination of sustainable design, and organises various educational programmes.


Balta Balta follows the principles of zero waste production by creatively upcycling no longer used or unnecessary products. Our product range includes products converted from raw materials to get a second or even a third life.