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Multifunctional TRAVEL THROW stands out for its luxury texture of the fabric surface. It is very thin, soft and gentle. White, grey and brownish shades of the throw go well with other natural shades as well as a range of white or black colors.

Innovative design allows transforming this home textile product into wearable textiles and offers a creative way to encourage consumers to reduce their demands.

The product is versatile therefore is suitable for both – men and women. It can easily be adapted for everyday use or it could be a nice accent of your outfit for a special occasion.

This compact and a lightweight item is suitable for travelling as it takes little of space. It is a stylish and comfortable leisure wear accessory and a great addition to your wardrobe!

By purchasing this product, that one would not want to discard, but rather pass on from generation to generation, the consumers will invest not only in aesthetic expression, but also in environmental friendliness of the product. Multifunctional Textiles collection is based on the brand’s underlying principles of design, which are simplicity, beauty of colors from plants, comfort, ease, functionality and prevailing versatility.

Our skilled artisans create products of extremely limited edition by using only high quality natural and locally sourced materials. The artist’s touch makes the product unique, promotes the heritage of local traditions in contemporary fashion.


Features and Benefits:

Natural fabric: composition of 70% linen & 30 % merino wool, locally made in Lithuania

Available 3 different colours – plain white,  gradient white-grey or gradient light hazel brown – grey, vegetable dyed by locally artisans with Pomegranate (Punica granatum) or Walnut (Juglans) and Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

Multifunctional use: home textile (home throw – home wrap) and fashion (shawl – poncho – cloak – blouse)

Size: 135 x 200 cm

Weight 0.3 kg

plain white, gradient white-grey, gradient light hazel brown – grey