The natural merino wool beanie hat

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The natural merino wool beanie is very light, comfortable, soft and warm. You will simply forget
that you wear it! Available in a variety of colours, so you can choose the one that best matches
your eyes and the clothes you already have. Like other baltabalta sustainable design products,
these hats are dyed using natural plant dyes only!


Natural 100% merino wool jersey
Natural dyed with plants: blue indigo shades (indigo), black (pomegranate), violet (logwood), green,
green (indigo, goldenrod), light green, (goldenrod), brown, grey (walnut), polka dot (various plants)
Size universal, 25 x 28 cm

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Merino beanies colors

black, blue indigo, blue indigo gradient, brown, emerald green, green, grey, light green, polka dot, violet

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