Reusable linen tote bag and means for batik decoration


The natural dyeing kit includes:
The natural dyeing kit for batik comes with a linen tote bag and includes a linen tote with decorative braided handles (40 x 45 cm), dyeing plant material (100 g of dried oak bark), a beeswax candle (~ 25 cm, 40 g) and a mordant for colour modifications ( 5 g of ferrous sulphate FeSO₄).

A tote bag is an accessory that is practical for everyday use, especially for walkers and those helping conserve our natural resources by refusing to use disposable shopping bags. Linen is a very suitable and durable material for everyday use. Made of linen fibres, the handles of the tote bag are both strong and soft to provide comfort for your shoulders. Minimalist designs and the grey colour extracted from oak bark easily match different clothes or styles.


370 g (0.37 kg)


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