Merino wool tube scarf



This merino wool tube scarf has been naturally dyed using plant dyes. It is not only a natural
product that will gently fit and keep your neck warm, but is also a design discovery for universality
of wearing it. Suitable for travellers or those who prefer having few items. With a baltabalta tube
scarf, you won’t need a mask, cap or headband. Not only economical but sustainable as well!


100% merino wool jersey
Natural dyed with plants: blue (indigo), reddish grey (brazilwood), violet (logwood), green
(goldenrod), chaki gradient to grey (goldenrod), brown gradient to violet (walnut, logwood)
Size universal, 25 x 28 cm

Weight N/A
neck warmer colors

Blue indigo, Brown gradient to violet, Chaki gradient to grey, Green, Reddish grey, Violet

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