Means for home decor items from recycled textile


A few hundred grams of coloured by plants wool in your hands may easily turn to a set of felt table decorations. Felting is an amazing and easy-to-handle technology that will allow you to use textile wastes accrued over time and to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Disassembled knitwear, yarn residues or favourite but already worn out silk scarves can be turned into new pieces that will remind you of something you once loved wearing. By integrating various textile pieces into felts of different colours, you have the opportunity to turn them into unique home decor accents, creating a warm, cosy and festive atmosphere for your home.

Kit for table decorations includes:
White, grey, pink and greenish wool for felting naturally dyed with plants (4 p. 30 g each), 2 pink and 4 brown strips of silk scrap, bamboo placemat


420 g (0.42 kg)