Linen pillowcases plant dyed with Marigold

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After selecting 1 pc. yellowish, brownish or greyish hue or 3 pcs. set of different shades linen
pillowcases you will easily innovate your interior. Warm earth colours provided by natural dyeing
process with blossoms of marigolds. Linen texture feel very pleasant to the touch. Such
sustainable home textiles due to the unique properties of linen fibres are long-lasting, stimulate
blood circulation through the skin and are almost free of allergens, are easy to wash, dry quickly


Natural fabric: 100% linen
Natural dyed with Marigold
Delicate colours: yellowish, brownish and greyish shades
Size: 40 x 40 cm

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Pillow colors

1 pc. brownish, 1 pc. greyish, 1 pc. natural/offwhite linen, 1 pc. yellowish, 3 pcs. various shades

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