Linen pillowcases MAKE YOURSELF KIT


The natural dyeing kit includes:

3 pillowcases (45 x 45 cm) made from 100 % flax fabric

dyeing plant material (20 g of dried marigold flowers)

 3 mordants (8 g of KAl(SO₄)₂, 8 g of CuSO₄, and 4 g of FeSO₄) for obtaining different colours.

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The natural dyeing kit includes 3 linen pillowcases is packed in a box which makes it perfect for a gift. Warm earth colours provided by linen texture and marigolds – yellowish, brownish and greyish shades soothe and easily match the interior in light tones. Linen textiles feel very pleasant to the touch and are perfectly suitable for home textiles due to the unique properties of linen fibres: they are easy to wash, dry quickly, are long-lasting due to the strength of the fibre, stimulate blood circulation through the skin and are almost free of allergens.


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