Soft scarf made of linen and wool blend fabric and means for natural tie-dyeing


The natural dyeing kit includes:
The natural tie-dye kit includes a soft scarf (75% wool, 25% linen) (52 x 200 cm), dyeing plant material (100 g of dried goldenrod leaves or 25 g of logwood chips), mordant (5 g of ferrous sulphate FeSO₄), 2 wooden circle discs (Ø6.5 x 1 cm) and a carpenter’s clamp (8 x 15 cm).


There’s always room in your wardrobe for a thin but warm scarf. Wrapped around your shoulders, it will keep you warm on a cool summer evening or provide protection on a cold winter day when wrapped around the neck. The versatile properties of the scarf are ensured by the combination of wool and linen: containing 75% of soft wool, it is warm and soft, but is also durable and retains its shape due to 25% linen. The proposed large-dot design makes the scarf a great accent to your outfit, and choosing one of the offered colours – a greenish-grey of goldenrod or a bluish-black of logwood – allows for easy matching with your outfit colours.


Midnight blue – Logwood, Brownish green – Goldenrod flowers

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