Infinity scarf and natural dyeing kit for gradient-dye


A very soft and warm infinity scarf made from a blend of wool and silk is an indispensable cold weather accessory. This product is definitely worth the dyer’s patience and will not disappoint you. Both fibres of the infinity scarf are perfect dye candidates, but do not absorb colour equally. Wool absorbs the dye very intensely and has a rich colour, whereas silk obtains a lighter colour because of its slightly shiny surface. Such a purple or dark blue infinity scarf with subtly rippling colour transitions will always look luxurious, elegant and attractive on your neck. Surprise yourself with the natural colours of brazilwood or logwood.


Natural dyeing kit coming with an infinity scarf includes:
Infinity scarf made from Merino wool and silk fabrics (100%/100%); plant material: brazilwood powder (25 g) to get purples or logwood chips (25 g) to get dark blues; mordant: 10 g ferrous sulphate (CuSO₄)


235 g


Purple, Dark blue

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