Home decor items from recycled textile



Sustainable felt pads or cover for a glass lantern are perfect decoration to your table. You
can choose your favourite colour and pattern, to build your own collection of home décor
items. Our designers choose a technology that allow us to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
Various textile wastes are recycled by integrating them into felts of different colours. It is a
creative way to turn them into unique hand-made home decor accents, creating a warm,
cosy and festive atmosphere for your home.


Natural fabric: 100% wool, various natural textile wastes
Natural dyed with plants: calendula (green), madera (pink), swillow (grey)
Size: table mats 10 × 10 cm, cover for a glass lantern 15 x 30 cm

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1 pc. white cover for lantern, 4 pc. green, 4 pc. green snowflakes, 4 pc. grey, 4 pc. grey snowflakes, 4 pc. pink, 4 pc. pink snowflakes

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