The tasks are raised for our designers: to make products that do not have a seasonal feel, products that people will not want to throw away.

These luxury items must be supported by positive values, which include not only traditional ways of production – using natural, high quality and often locally sourced materials that are transformed by the precise craftsmanship of skilled artisans, but also love of innovation and a sense of respect for the environment throughout every stage of luxury product creation.

The brand aims to prove that it is possible to make a high quality products without harming the environment by exploring and making responsible choices in selecting materials, technologies, production processes, as well as caring for the environmental impact and labourer welfare.


Sense of respect for the environment throughout every stage of luxury product creation we decided to show by development the system of 4 levels of sustainability :

• Sustainability-Truth
• Sustainability-Certainty
• Sustainability-Creative Use
• Sustainability-Care



Balta balta cooperate with responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturers from Lithuania or closest to it making natural fabrics from plant fibres (flax, nettle, hemp) and from animal fibres (wool, alpaca). Balta balta values natural fibres and natural colours properties:
breathability, warming & cooling, zero-minimal chemical treatments dyeing processing.


Eco-friendly dyeing processes are made by Balta balta textile artists.
Balta balta cares about local social or economic benefit : employs lithuanian artists, used to commission a lot of manufacturing processes to other crafters; provides priority for hard to live artisans from socially sensitive groups (disabled people, parents with large families or people in retirement age).
Balta balta products are handmade with traditional artisanal skills. Balta balta organizes educational workshops for collecting vegetable raw materials in eco village communities, uses traditional knitting, felting, weaving technologies, hande made by other crafters.

Sustainability-Creative Use

Balta balta values recourse using reduction: uses fabric zero-waste reduction, creates multifunctional products with 2 and more functions, offers creative way to encourage consumers to reduce their demands.
Balta balta takes responsibility to promote the heritage of local traditions in contemporary fashion : interprets ancient tradition of wearable Baltic textiles, is related to the Baltic minimalistic aesthetics.


Balta balta cares about nature : collects and upcycles garments when they are worn out, recreate upcycled materials to new design products, uses eco-friendly packaging materials.
Balta balta takes social responsibilities: keeps trend concepts content related to the nature and environmental problems, educates the public about sustainable design values.

Whether researching, designing, and creating a historical museum, discovering and promoting national celebration of a local civil rights hero, or discussing academic writing the significance of protecting local rivers, ignite thought.