Have a sunny Mother’s day!

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Have a sunny Mother’s day!

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The Sun has always been compared to Mother in Baltic mythology. The Mother Sun is often portrayed as a golden-haired woman, working different chores: here she is spinning yarn, washing, here she wanders through the water, plants her garden, here she is drawing water from the sea, goes to the bathhouse, here she sews and slices bread.

As the Sun starts to shine in the morning, it’s believed that she wakes up and goes to visit her husband, the Moon, and her daughters, the stars. The Sun is looking into and taking care of everything around. She always has to know what’s happening in the family, garden, her environment… Also she is in charge of the people’s hard work. Maybe that’s why in Lithuanian folk songs the Sun is called Mother, and her warmth and love is compared to Mother’s love. The Sun, just like the Mother who raises her children, is nourishing the Earth and making the nature thrive.

While cherishing the connection with nature and fostering family harmony, we are congratulating all the Mothers and wish everyone a sunny Mother’s day. Thank you for inspiring life with your beautiful Sun rays!