Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s day gift ideas

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Since ancient times in Lithuanian folklore Mother is identified with the Sun. The mother of the gods in the sky, the Sun is taking care of the environment and her children,  giving them generous gifts. As the Mother’s day is approaching, we want to thank the dearest person and provide her with the gifts, resembling the ones she has been unconditionally giving us since she brought us into this world.


From the very first moments of our lives, Mum has been giving us her care and love, providing us with the feeling of wholesomeness. She has become the best companion. She has always been looking after us, believing and wishing us luck even when she couldn’t be near. In some Baltic myths Mother Sun is portrayed wearing golden clothes and a crown, with her shoulders covered with a wide veil.

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Mother’s warmth and devotion, same as the Sun’s light, encouraged us to grow and prosper. Mum has always been the most attentive person, noticing even the smallest of your needs. She was the only one to notice your weathered hands and make sure they would heal quickly.

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When you were frightened, only one figure was on your mind that could dispel the anxiety. While looking in your eyes full of fear, Mum represented the biggest guardian and motivator. Her presence nearby ensured productivity during the day and a restful night’s sleep.

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Mum’s tougher word was always accompanied by later gentleness.  After scolding out of worry or fear, she would always squeeze us in a hug. Again and again she proved that Mother’s love is the only one of its kind, absorbing and comprehensive. The image of the quiet evening with Mother gently stroking you on the head is still vivid in the memory. Wrapped in the cover, you can feel the touch of the dearest hands.

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As we were growing, Mum was shaping the way we see the world. However, she has always been tolerant to every phase of the emerging character ant let us blossom as a unique personality. She has always been magnificent with her own original style. Despite her working a hundred chores every day,  she quickly became our role model of glowing natural elegance.

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Show your endless gratitude to your Mum and let her feel like she is the Sun again ♡