1. Membership at baltabalta club

1.1. A member of Baltabalta club can become any person who applied entrance form to baltabalta club and payed onetime membership payment and yearly payment. Please allow 7 working days since you‘ve payed to confirm and activate your member account

1.2. Baltabalta club member rights:

-    Attend at events of the club

-    Get 10% discount for baltabalta products

-    Initiate events and take part in organising process

-    Get baltabalta club VIP

-    Pay membership fee*

* Attention, membership will be cancelled if member haven’t payed yearly payment

1.3. All information about baltabalta club members is confidental, available only for club management

2. VIP membership at baltabalta club

2.1. Become VIP member of baltabalta club get exclusive status of baltabalta team member, and exclusive discounts!

2.2. A VIP member of Baltabalta klubo can become a person or a company (head of the company) after he/she has presented an entrance form or received an invitation, if :

•    Agreeded on long-term cooperation

•    Creative activity of people or another contribution to baltabalta baltabalta is “weighty enough” and accepted by the founders

•    Another activity that isn’t mentioned above is being added

Decision to accept/ reject to baltabalta club will be considered within 7 days, from the day when the application was submitted

2.3. Founders of Baltabalta clubhave the right to reject entrance application to the people who can undermine club‘s activity or the ones who are not welcome for other reasons (Persona non grata) to take part in club activities.


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